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Mariusz Kaldowski


Mariusz is inspired by light and shadow, colours and beauty of nature, by human emotions and life.  In all of his paintings and drawings he aims to capture either a moment or mood in time.

In his landscapes and gardens Kaldowski wants to share with us a unique atmosphere of a moment when he saw a particular view. This was recognised, for instance, by an Award that he received in 2000 for 'Expressing the Essential Spirit of Holland Park'. He had also received other numerous awards, including Main Prize Winner - editor's choice 'The Artist Magazine' 2006.

In addition to the above, for a number of years, he has been creating paintings that are illustrations to the classical music. In 2000 he completed an enormous (22 metre by 1.5 m) frieze inspired by Vivaldi's music, entitled - "Four Seasons Four Stages of Life", which is shown life as part of the classical performances of Polish National Radio Orchestra and has been featured on Polish National TV.



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