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Artist statement


I work predominantly in oil, pastels and create graphic images for print. The starting point is often an idea provoked by a situation that causes controversy, an argument or creates opposite points of view. I try to transform this imbalance into visual image that provokes similar reaction in a viewer without taking either side of an argument, but rather bringing two sides as close to each other as possible, in a visual sense.


This translates as trying to blur the border between the real and abstract, trying to create an image that is neither happy nor threatening but one that causes the viewer to feel uncertain, unsure what he is looking at, therefore evoking a reaction similar to the starting point which could be a political controversy, a religious tension, a threat of an environmental catastrophe.


Sometimes I simply try to find my own answer to a universal image that exists, hence ‘E-Migration. Will I make it?  What interests me is an image in disguise.


Recent exhibitions




EWAAC – Tokyo, March 2015.

‘All Men Aren’t Experts’ – reflection on the Holocaust. POSK Gallery. Jan 2015




FPS – The Mernier Gallery 

Selected to NOA14 National Open Art Award, exhibition in Somerset House, London and Chichester.

Selected to EWAAC  East West Art Award Competition, exhibition in La Galleria, Pall Mall, London. (Selected for a trip and exhibition in Tokyo in March 2015).

Selected for IV International Biennale of Graphic Digital Arts, in Poland.

'Masks’, APA autumn exhibition, POSK Gallery

FPS Open Exhibition, The Menier Gallery

Spring exhibition, APA, POSK Gallery 

FPS members – pop up exhibition in POSK Gallery




VII International Biennale of Paintings, Poland.

Shortlisted for Royal Academy Summer Exhibition 

POSK Gallery Autumn and Spring exhibition with APA

‘Quality of Everyday Life’ in Summerhall Gallery, Edinburgh (artist talk recorded by Summerhall TV – online archives) 




Selected for Royal Academy Summer Exhibition (included in illustrated catalogue p65, Image of the Day   27/07 – Edition of 50 + artists proofs sold out)




Selected for VI International Biennale of Paintings, Poland (honorary jury award for ‘Svalbad: Climate change’) 


Exhibitions of note before 2011


Whitechapel Open (curated by Nicholas Serota)

Mall Galleries, Hamiltons Gallery

D&AD International Illustration – London, Paris, New York, Stockholm




Robert HISCOX Collection

The Museum of Torun, Poland



MA in Fine Art and Graphic Design from Academy of Fine Arts – ASP, Warsaw, Poland 1978


Currently Director of POSK Gallery in Hammersmith - London




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