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Lucia Gomez
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I am a Spanish artist based in Dundee, Scotland. Painting has been my passion all my life and I started taking lessons in oil painting when I was eight years old. After school I went on to realize one of my dreams and studied a BA/MA (Hons) in Fine Arts at the Polytechnic University of Valencia, Spain. 
I have organized and participated in several exhibitions, always maintaining a focus on art theory, philosophy and reflection on the socio-cultural issues of our time. The interaction between people and their environment in all ways are the key influences of my work.


Artist Statement

My paintings of landscapes reflect the impressions I experience in degraded places – inadequate and dreadful, charged with nothingness. They often seem with a dreamy halo, breaking into the portal of a fantasy world, illusions of a lost reality, not knowing what place we belong to and in what moment we are.
Unlike the Romanticists of the late 19th Century who were overwhelmed by the beauty contained in the sublime and stately landscape, we now find beauty living together with the otherness, the sinister and despair caused by the evolution of these landscapes. 




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