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"As a painter and poet my work is about finding a language which will talk back at me"


I want to feel the echo and the resonance as images and words reverberate around the mysterious geography of abstract thought. It feels like I’m on a road without signs, waiting for a voice to call out of the fog. Sometimes you find yourself on the easy paths but the more you push at the boundaries the greater the challenge. Making that new map which describes the journey is the fascination.


The work has evolved from an intense fusion of ideas and techniques; creating visual equations with a philosophical, conceptual undercurrent to a more abstract approach in which I allow materials to take the lead and show me the way forward.


Recently I have let the landscape get into my work again in a much more conscious way.  It used to appear; peeping out from abstract experimentation and sit there like a ghostly horizon, crag or cloud. It has always been a powerful influence and populates my memories and imagination. A sense of a place is a fascinating magic which I like to explore; moving between imagined places, natural forms and fragments; a bringing together of tangled remains. I’m trying to get beyond representation and into the feeling and emotion of elements and experience.



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