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Artist statement

I make abstract sculptures that, whilst not in themselves kinetic, deliberately convey a sense of movement, animation and an expressed feeling of imbalance and unease. I construct the sculptures from recycled materials which are left with a rich variety of textures.

I am currently working on a new body of work that pushes forward the concept of movement by deliberately breaking the element and reassembling it, spacing the carved elements and creating a distance between them to open up a new dialogue between the parts. Until recently I have mostly used wood but recently I have begun working with stone, breaking the carving and reassembling it using Perspex rod as a tranquil passage between the active stone components.

My sculptures work to seek out and emphasise stretches, twists, pushes and pulls, with each element both working with and in direct opposition to, the other parts  My work is not static, either in its feel or in its subject matter though the ‘movement’ in the material is not literal. I use the natural colours and the grain of the wood to enhance the shape of each piece of wood where possible, splitting the wood naturally along the grain to discover its’ own rhythms and movements, leaving the raw edges and tool marks deliberately to contrast with the natural forms and areas that have been smoothed. 


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