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Artist Statement 

My work has evolved out of years of painting landscapes and figures. It draws on a vast mental archive of images and the intense excitement engendered by such experience. I am interested in space both literally and pictorially and the arrangement of forms therein. I like the tension between what can be read as figuration but is abstract and figuration that depends on Abstract values to work.

When I start a piece, I am thinking mostly in terms of colour and composition, I am painting an abstract but after a while the painting takes over and I find a figurative image has emerged. What is also curious is the  various interpretations that viewers put upon what they see, each person seeing something quite different but always referring to events and visual experiences  that seem to me, to be from my life, my visual library, however having said that, they are clearly also activating the viewer’s memories and perceptions and thus a connection is made.

The most recent paintings are on Perspex, painted on both sides which adds literal depth, very painterly on one side, smooth and transparent on the other. What is also interesting is they present an entirely different aspect depending on how they are lit. Front lit they appear peaceful and meditational but with light coming through the appearance and atmosphere is completely altered and can be a little edgy.

I work with a variety of media including Installation Collaborations with a laser performer, Jim Webb,We are experimenting with innovative ways of using laser lights and transparent paintings, using light as a three dimensional tool and another way of exploring pictorial space.

In all my work I find that I am balancing between figuration and abstraction, sometimes starting with reference to drawings and sometimes with just paint and colour but always ending up with this dialogue backwards and forwards informing the two aspects. 

Whilst figuration is involved in my work, it is not the primary concern.


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