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Artist Statement

My work is very eclectic. I am usually working in several different media and on various projects at one time. Painting, drawing, etching, monoprints, etc.

During the last couple of years I have made oil paintings based on Secret Police surveillance photos from the old East Germany. Examples attached include Man Leaving Building…' and 'Cleansed Interior'.

I have also discovered a recent love of charcoal and ink combinational drawing. 'Portland Security' was based on photos I took of security men on the roof of a stadium in Portland, Oregon just before Obama was to give a speech on his electoral tour of the US.

Staying within charcoal drawing, I have recently produced a series of work which I think of as art / science crossovers. Seeking out aesthetic arrangements within scientific displays 'Museum object #3' and sometimes overlapping arrangements in an attempt to surprise myself '501 Collisions'.

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