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Artist Statement


My work explores the boundaries of abstract picture making, playing with and dissecting its language, touching upon the infinite substrata of the visual within its scope.


My imagery evokes cartographic landscapes and self-referential visual systems which exist in a condition of fragile order. It is about the obsessive mapping of space and the gathering of time invested in the production of an image.  I am also greatly influenced by the actions associated with handwriting, its traces and aesthetics, its ephemera, lines and the grids that guide it.


My practice addresses the issue of the uprooted image, a set of visuals without obvious external reference. I accept the impossibility of this condition, but allow my work to positively question its existence by allowing a visual event to occur without an immediate reference. Accepting this condition is a prerequisite to understanding my practice.


The experience of my imagery should consequently evoke a sense of recognition akin to deja-vu, a sense I myself experience throughout the creative process.


I graduated with a BA Hons in Fine Art, from the Chelsea College of Art and Design (University of Arts London). I am an associate member of the Brent Artist Resource, where I have been regularly exhibiting since 2007. I am also a resident artist at the Departure Foundation and a member of the Harlesden Gallery Group and FPS and SWLA.


My most recent shows include the Threadneedle Prize Final 2012, the Cork Street Open 2013, the FPS Summer show and Open 2013. I have also exhibited internationally at BWA (Ostrowiec Swietokrzyski, Poland) XI International Autumn Salon of Art 2012: Homo Quadratus Ostroviensis.

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