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Artist Statement ​​​​​​

My working methods tend to exploit the vast possibility of hand tools by carving in a direct manner.

Projects that involve drawing and planning are also an integral part of my practice, which I apply to specific ideas. These two different approaches are part of my personal process of learning and experiences that lead separately to the creation of abstract organic forms and figurative archaic subjects.  The mediums that I prefer are stone and wood.

My work involves ideas about changing the given purpose of specific materials. I am particularly interested and fascinated by the process of transforming the appearance of discarded materials.

Like other artists I find inspiration in nature as well as different forms of crafts and art. Literature plays a fundamental role in my process of visualizing an idea for a project.   The personal story and the words and acts of a person can be very significant in this  process. Ultimately it is the material and medium itself that determines a form and a line.